Looking for an affordable NZ made premium dog food?

Ultra Canine is the only premium dry dog food made here in New Zealand. It is manufactured by a family firm with over twenty years experience with dogs. No import costs mean a quality product that almost anyone can afford.

Every Ultra Canine batch is tested personally for quality control.

Ultra Canine use a fixed formula that never changes. Protein is from human grade N.Z. beef and where possible, all of the raw ingredients are sourced in New Zealand and are rated as fit for human consumption.

Wheat free and G.E. free with no artificial flavours or colours, all Ultra products are naturally preserved with vitamins C and E (as natural tocherpherols), rosemary, and Citric acid. All Ultra products feature fish meal (a natural source of glucosamine) and fish oil, natural sources of omega 3 and omega 6, to help keep your dog in top condition.

Massey University (an A.A.F.C.O approved testing agency) confirms Ultra as a premium, complete balanced diet.

Ultra is made in New Zealand and won't be beaten for freshness, quality or price!

Our products meet the latest AAFCO specifications.

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